Beefsteak on Campus


It’s officially been a few weeks since Jose Andres’ new restaurant, Beefsteak, opened up on campus, but this will be my first time posting about it. I should start by saying it’s delicious, if a little easy to go too crazy with your veggies. I’ve been to Beefsteak a few times now, and have never been disappointed. The concept is simple–you design a ‘bowl’ with a layer of grains on the bottom, a sauce (or two), cooked veggies, and fresh vegetables on top. To me, this is an interesting concept for a new fast casual restaurant–I can think of few other fast casual restaurants that focus on veggies as the main part of the meal, with the exception of salad chains like SweetGreen and Chop’t. I know that there are already plans in the works for an expansion of Beefsteak to other locations as well, including Dupont Circle. This made me ask the question, where can a restaurant who throws meat by the wayside and focuses on “Vegetables, Unleashed” be successful? In Foggy Bottom, for sure–the restaurant always seems to have long lines during peak meal times. But would this concept be accepted in other parts of the country as well? It seems Jose Andres has dreams of turning Beefsteak into a nationwide chain. But would the restaurant see as much success in places like Oklahoma City or Texas as it is sure to experience in cities like DC or LA? In the next years, I look forward to seeing how other parts of the country embrace–or don’t embrace–the veggie-heavy trend.


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